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Warehouse Module

The Warehouse module provides a cost effective way to track warehouse inventory from receiving through to shipment and provides you with the tools to simplify the acquisition of this data in an electronic form. Furthermore, this data can be managed in a way that will provide you with quality decision making information, thus increasing accuracy in your supplier/customer transactions. This means improvements to your bottom-line and your company’s professional appearance.

With the use of standard UPC bar codes and scanners your business will be able to quickly acquire inventory data, verify receipt of inventory, locate stock within the warehouse, pick and verify the correct inventory for shipment, and manage returns. The use of scanners to collect the inventory information will increase productivity by reducing the time to record and process this information and reducing recording errors that could lead to inaccurate management decision information.

In addition, Management will be empowered to make better decisions because the information needed to make them will be at their finger tips. The warehouse tracking software will generate reports on contract receipts, stock location, and return receipts upon request. The Warehouse system is integrated with all the other CMT system modules so all Warehouse information is available as needed when processing orders, invoicing, EDI, and assessing production styles, status, and requirements.

Using the CMT warehouse system will make inventory management effortless and enhance your business in the process. Since our software is fully maintained by us you can be assured of compatibility with the entire range of CMT modules. Furthermore, we understand the highly competitive nature of the Sewn Products Industry so we are continually improving our product and adding new features to meet these future demands and to help your business achieve its goal.

Apparel ERP Software Solution

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