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Sales-Specific Updates to Online System

Hello all Sales Associates,

There have been several major updates to the web application since you first saw it in December. Many of these were made in response to suggestions from users like yourselves. I want to personally invite you to login and check out some of the new features. If you donít have a login (or canít remember it) then contact us by email and weíll get you fixed up.

Below is a brief listing and general description of some of these new features and how they might benefit you either at home or when youíre on the road.

  1. Real-Time Availability Lookup
  2. Make an Order Online
  3. Query Pages (orders and shipments)
  4. Online Help System
  5. New CMTmobile service

1) Availability
By far the most popular tool in the application is the ďAvailabilityĒ page. Using a style and color code, you can look up the size availability of an item. You can instantly see if the item is ready to ship or when it will be ready to ship. This page has been updated to include a ĎStyle-Color Lookupí page so you can look up the style-color codes if they aren't handy. You can look up the codes by their description, category, class, division, partial style-color code, etc. You can save your favorite or best selling items to a list for quick use. This allows quick review of availability for items on the list. You can also export availability information to your PC with the new export tool.

2) Make an Order Online
You can create a skeleton order that will supply enough information to get your order in quickly. The customerís information is automatically filled in on the order by simply entering the customerís customer number. If you canít remember your customerís number then there is a lookup page to help you locate the customer by name, city, state, zip code, partial number, etc. Once you find the customer you want, just click the number and itís entered into the order for you.

Items in this order contain the style-color code and the quantities of each required size for the item, along with manually entered ship and cancel dates. As you add or edit items an integrated availability table shows you the items status and provides a guideline for the ship date you must enter.

Best of all, your order is date stamped so office operators knows which order arrived first.

3) The Query Pages (orders and shipments)
Updates have been made to the original pages. You can still lookup order and shipment information (master and details) by a number of filter settings but now it is easier to find and load these settings. You can use this page to find out if your order was processed and if the line items are correct. You can check to see if the order has shipped and detail about what has been shipped. Regardless of where you start in these pages youíll be able to access a cross reference to shipment, order or availability information from the details you are viewing. So you could get tracking number information from the orders page, or you can check the availability of that item that didnít ship. You can also export the results to your PC.

4) The Online Help System
We have blended the capability of the internet and complexity of the apparel industry to bring easy-to-use and intuitive help pages to our online system. We have also added a context controlled 'Help' system to look up specific difficulties you may be having. To access the help files simply click the help button and select a topic that pertains to your issue. The help page opens in a separate window allowing you to continue your work while accessing the information you need. If you do not see a satisfactory suggested topic, select the search and see what help topics are available.

5) The New CMTmobile Service
We have recently introduced the CMTmobile service to give salesmen using a mobile device, such as a phone or PDA, a way to easily access real-time product availability. You can use your CMTonline login to access the mobile program. If you are a salesman, the first page shows a summary of your sales and shipment activity since January 1st. Select 'UPC input' and it will take you to a page where you can enter a UPC number or a style-color number and get the availability for that item. You can check on different colors by using the drop down color list and 'GO' button. By attaching a barcode scanner to your PDA you can simply scan in the UPC or the catalog style-color barcode into the page. This application is accessed with the following URL.

Apparel PDA Login

If you need more help or have a specific question then please contact us, we are here to help.


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