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CMT Adds New Services and Demos Online System

On July 10th, 2004 the new CMT website went online. Besides the new look and feel, a lot of new content has been added. This new content reflects the additional services that CMT has steadily added to its repertoire over the last two years in response to customer requests. CMT now offers one of the most complete set of services for business management, especially for those in the Sewn Products and Apparel industry.

The information on CMT Systems has been expanded to include more information on apparel modules, warehousing system, EDI standards, and integrated accounting. A FAQ page has been added in an effort to provide basic answers for prospective customers and provide a general understanding of our systems and their compatibility. As a service to our present customers we have also added a Related Links page as both a token of appreciation and for the benefit of the information these links may provide.

The most prominent addition has been the Financial Services section. Here you will find a wide and varied range of financial services aimed at businesses of all types (not only apparel) and of all sizes. Among the a la carte services you will find everything from business start-up, forecasting, and budgeting to accounting, payroll, and tax preparation just to name a few.

New Updates to CMTonline web application (April 20th, 2005)

In addition to new content and services, CMT has been developing and updating an online application. The ultimate aim is to make it more convenient for our customers and their clients to access their order, shipment, production and availability information. In addition to accessing information there is the option to create pre-processed system compatible orders for your established customer base.

The system is for current CMT customers who have found a growing need for this information to be made more readily available. However, once set up, our customers can extend controlled access to their clients, associates, suppliers, employees, and anyone else they deem as a ‘need-to-know’ or 'need-to-use' component of their organization. Each user is assigned a very specific set of authorization criteria which permits them to access and view only the information that is deemed as appropriate to their requirements and function within the CMT customer’s organization. Within these authorization criteria users will have the ability to search the records using a number of filtering controls, display only those fields that are of interest, and/or create orders.

The CMTonline system is continually under development with customers providing impetus to add new features. A operational system is now available on this website for current CMT customers and their associates to use. Recently the system was updated. In addition to viewing order information the system now includes screens on availability, shipments, and production as well as making online orders. We have added 'lookup' systems for 'Style-color' information to both the 'Availability' and 'MakeOrder' pages and a way to save and share those selected items for use between these two pages. The 'MakeOrder' page also has a user specific 'customer lookup' utility for finding the right customer information from among hundreds.

We have also added a 'Help' system with 'context sensitive' and 'search' capabilities that is available from each primary page. The help can be used alongside the application and because it runs in a separate window it is conveniently accessed without interrupting the primary page. We have also added an export function for the primary pages which enables users to save their page results to various different formats including Excel.  CMT invites current and new customers to try out the CMTonline system with the new updates, and to continue to provide constructive comment for future developments. To sign up for a demonstration simply fill out the form on the Obtain Account page and our staff will contact you to verify information and provide you with a login.

We have also recently introduced the new CMTmobile service. It is targeted for those people wishing to access availabilities using only a mobile device such as a PDA. The system accepts both UPC codes and style-color codes for entry. It returns an availability page from which different color availabilities can be search on. Entries can made using a barcode scanner

For more information about the online products as a salesmans tool click the link. We wish you a pleasant time at our remodeled website and look forward to serving you.


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