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Today's apparel manufacturers are facing increased competition and tremendous pressures on margins and profitability. To stay ahead, clothing companies need to assert greater control over their apparel operations and supply chain. Computer Management Technology (CMT) provides the most comprehensive apparel management software solutions available.

Apparel Information Management Solutions

CMT is the leader in computer management systems for the Sewn Products Industry. We provide footwear and apparel erp solutions for importers, domestic manufacturers and distributors. We supply innovative apparel software that is sure to fit your operational needs. Our extensive garment industry knowledge and experience can supply you with the valuable skills necessary to build a flexible, customized and comprehensive solution for your unique needs. It's like adding an entire staff to your company.

CMT Systems

Computer Management Technology (CMT) systems help users expose inefficiencies, find trends, and act on shifting customer demand in a timely manner. We structured CMT software systems to manage the dynamic needs of this demanding environment with ease. CMT offers business management solutions for domestic manufacturers, importers and distributors far superior to the competition in terms of design, functionality and practicality. CMT creates clothing software that "fits" every aspect of your company providing EDI, Accounting, Warehouse, and Apparel solutions. CMT's vertical software solutions for the Sewn Products Industry offer complete systems integration and comprehensive functionality, and they establish a compelling value proposition.

70 Years of Experience

Many apparel software companies fail to deliver because they lack the essential in-depth knowledge of your industry. Computer people developing apparel systems are very different from apparel people developing computer systems.

This is the CMT difference. With over 70 years of combined Apparel and Sewn Products Industry experience and nearly the same computer system experience, we have a better understanding of your full operations picture and your specific needs. CMT specializes in just one thing: providing software solutions for the Sewn Products Industry. That's why CMT is the leader in computerized systems for this specialized business.

With CMT you can count on more than state-of-the-art computer software for apparel. We offer full technical support and apparel consulting to ensure the system's performance meets all of your needs and your highest expectations.

Apparel ERP Software Solution

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Computer Management Technology Apparel Software Mission
It is CMT's mission to provide the Sewn Products Industry with the highest quality, comprehensive and flexible apparel erp software solutions available.

Computer Mangement Technology Apparel ERP Software Solution
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