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Prospective Customers Questions

FAQ's will answer the most common questions asked when researching a new computer system for your enterprise.

Are any CMT software products licensed from "third-party" vendors?
All CMT software was developed and is maintained by CMT. This includes our world-class Accounting and EDI modules. Complete integration is only achieved when all system modules interoperate seamlessly.

Are all CMT software modules fully integrated?
Absolutely. Because all systems were developed by the same design team, CMT system modules are modeled for complete interoperability. Comprehensive systems compatibility is guaranteed.

Do your employees and support staff have apparel industry experience?
Most of our company personnel have extensive sewn products industry experience. All of our personnel have experience with the business management requirements of this demanding industry.

What if we have custom programming needs after we get up and running?
CMT offers numerous customer defined system options and formats. After using CMT Systems, most clients find very little, if anything, that they would like changed. However, should you require custom programming, CMT can always provide you with solutions to all of your specialized needs.

How long will it take to implement a new system?
System setup varies depending on system size, quantity of data to translate, hardware purchases, network setup and various other mitigating circumstances. Though all system setups are unique, a typical time frame, from start to finish, is between 1 and 3 months. After software purchase this would include time to purchase system hardware, purchase networking equipment and set-up LAN, determine system management responsibilities, train personnel to use systems software, plan data translation of old system data to new hardware, and then "go live" with new system.

Can we transfer our data from our old system easily or will we need to manually re-enter all of our old data?
CMT has helped numerous clients with their data translation from their old system to their new without loss of data. CMT will be there with you when you perform this critical function.

Does CMT offer Time-Share options or lease space on their company servers?
CMT offers time-share options to customers wishing to lease space on our company servers. With remote access options, a client can remotely access their secure data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CMT does not require a long term contract commitment to lease server space and we offer very competitive rates.

How would a client access CMT servers in a Time-Share situation?
Typically clients access our time-share servers via modem or internet connection. A DSL line is recommended.

What platforms do CMT Systems run on?
CMT software operates on Windows NT, HP MPE/iX, Unix, and a number of other proprietary platforms.

What database does your system use?
Our Windows NT system software uses Microsoft SQL Server. Our HP/MPE system uses the Image database for the HP 3000.

Do all CMT customers have access to the CMT software source code?
All customers have access to the source code for all CMT software products.

How many users does your system support?
CMT system can support an unlimited numbers of users. As your company grows CMT can supply all the expertise required to grow your business without the pain.

What types of security levels and features can we expect with your system?
CMT systems offer various levels of security that allow you to determine the appropriate level necessary for your enterprise. User defined security levels can be set to allow all users universal access or restricted access for specific individuals or workgroups.

How does your system address fault tolerance and disaster recovery?
CMT offers a variety of fault tolerance options available to clients requiring little or no downtime and guaranteed data integrity in the event of a system failure.

We now own several PC's, printers, and some other equipment. Can we use our existing PC's and equipment to integrate with new hardware or will we have to purchase all new equipment?
Only the oldest of PC's cannot be integrated into a Local Area Network. Most all PC's running at least Windows version 3.1 can be incorporated into your network. All consideration is taken to the incorporation of compatible existing equipment into the planned network. With few exceptions most existing equipment can be recycled.

What is a typical return on investment with the CMT System?
The ROI of a software system is measured in the personnel savings realized when fewer employees are required to manage a system and as operational costs are reduced.

I am concerned about hidden or additional costs. Are there major additional expenses that I can expect to incur over time?
Once a system has been purchased the only additional expenses typically incurred include monthly software (with CMT) or hardware support agreements (with hardware vendor), Value Added Network (VAN) monthly charges (EDI customers only), Phone and Internet monthly fees.

What all is covered by your annual maintenance agreement? Is it required that I sign a long term support agreement?
CMT offers two software support options. Monthly support plans offer clients unlimited access to support personnel or support can be provided on a per call basis. No customers are required to sign long term support agreements. A client can choose to change their support options at any time without penalty.

Do supported customers automatically receive regular system updates and revisions?
All customers that choose the monthly support plan receive regular system upgrades. When a change is made to a system, all clients benefit from the software enhancements through regular system upgrades and documentation revisions.

Will we need to hire a system administrator to operate your system?
No. CMT software systems can be administered by personnel with relatively basic computer skills. CMT will always be there to help you along as you learn to fully utilize your new system. Using CMT systems is like adding an entire staff to your company.

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