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Company Profile

It was 1986. Our founders, plugging away in the apparel industry as software developers, saw big gaps in how the industry software provided solutions for the industry. They decided to fix it. The result became Computer Management Technology, Inc., better known as CMT.

Revolutionary Software System

In 1986, CMT was formed to create a revolutionary new software system specifically for the Sewn Products Industry. Part of the process of forming CMT included a survey of the market. This study showed that the major suppliers of software to this industry had a fair-to-poor product rating (as judged by their users). More importantly, despite the increasing demand for greater information processing capability, these suppliers were taking no steps to improve their software. There was a definite lack of complete full-featured software to serve this specialized market better. Even today, no one has kept pace with the Sewn Products Industry's needs like CMT.

In 1988, CMT installed its first system. We now serve customers with annual sales ranging from under one million to over $850 million. Some have multiple machines operating in parallel and through local-area networks. Many customers have terminals in their sales offices used by their sales staff to view availability information or customer order status. In addition, it is possible for CMT customers to get information from anywhere in the world. With proper configuration, printers can be placed throughout your offices and information can be printed anywhere within a matter of seconds. These standard features make the CMT family of products the most flexible software available.


CMT provides solutions for importers, domestic manufacturers and virtually any other company involved in the production, distribution and wholesaling of apparel, shoes and accessories. Our extensive experience in the Sewn Products Industry enables us to design a family of products considerably more advanced than "off-the-shelf" generic software. CMT knows what it means to have an almost infinite variety of styles, colors, sizes, and material selections, all of which are affected by seasonal demands. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in the Computer, Apparel, and Sewn Products Industries. We have the background and resources to get the job done right.

Track Record

Our track record with success-driven companies has been outstanding. CMT has played a significant role in the growth of many companies by helping improve overall results, enhance employee efficiency and increase profitability.

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Computer Management Technology Information

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