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Apparel Modules

Master Information

The Master Information module is a repository for information used by all other components of the system.


The Production module is used primarily for Import Production. This area is used to maintain Contracts, Receipts, Consumption and Costing.

Domestic Production

The Domestic Production module is used by domestic manufacturers to track and maintain Raw Materials, Bill of Materials, Purchase Orders, Roll Maintenance, Tickets, Lot/Shade Maintenance, and more.

Order Processing

The Order Processing module is used to maintain all customer sales orders. In addition to tracking and maintaining all Orders, Invoices, and Credits/Returns, the Order Processing module features an Order Inquiry function. This feature allows your customer service department access to detailed order status information, instantly.

Style Maintenance

The Style Maintenance module is used to maintain information about all of the styles your company produces and the seasons they are produced for. The Style Inquiry feature in the Style Maintenance module allows for easy access to information regarding the status of each style, whether in planning, production, or "in-stock".

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